The Studio

Toorak personal training studio KE Fitness, specialises in 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 personal training for individuals that seek the very best in service, professionalism and expertise.

Located on the top floor of 517 Toorak road, KE Fitness Studio offers stunning views of Toorak, the surrounding suburbs and the city. Fitted with showers and change rooms, complimentary towels and water, the latest premium Italian designed equipment from manufacturer Technogym as well as top American manufacturers Life Fitness, Matrix and Rogue, KE Fitness Studio offers you a boutique studio feel with all the extra's to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you opt for 30 minute or 60 minute sessions, each session is tailored to you to ensure optimal results in minimal time and a truely personal feel. 

Each new client starts with a complimentary consultation to discuss thier goals, injuries, training history and nutritional needs. From here KE Fitness tailor a plan specifically to help you achieve your goals whilst working with any current injuries, training preferences and complications that might effect your training.

KE Fitness Studio works with a wide array of clients from very different walks of life and specialises in helping individuals with fat loss, muscle gain and recovery from injury. Working closely with local healthcare professionals has allowed KE Fitness to create a network of trusted and skilled practitioners that share KE Fitness's passion for excellence and as a result allows the studio to refer you to the most suitable practitioner if needed.

“We have all the latest high tech equipment and a stunning facility but this is only a part of what makes a great studio. What makes a great studio is the team and the clients. I'm very proud so say we have an outstanding team and incredible clients many of whom have been training with us for many years. At the end of the day we exist to provide the very best and to help individuals by giving them the tools and the environment they need to change their lives, achieve their goals but to also have fun whilst doing it” - Kris Etheridge

To enguire about starting training please contact us.


The Team

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Kris Etheridge

Owner, Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor

Kris Etheridge grew up on the sunny beaches of the Sunshine Coast and was heavily involved in sports from a young age. It wasn’t just his love of staying fit that led him to where he is today.

It was in his senior years at high school that Kris was introduced to a community program that required the students to choose from a variety of roles, all designed to benefit the community.

Kris's work with the elderly showed him that by giving his time, listening and showing an interest he could really improve the quality of someones life.

This realisation paired with Kris’s love of fitness started it all.

A personal trainer for over 10 years Kris has personally delivered over 20,000 training sessions, has worked with hundreds of different people from busy mums to CEO’s, actors, celebrities and elite athletes.

Kris spent the last decade refining his methods and now holds over fifteen training certifications, including being a certified Pilates instructor and is a registered exercise professional with Fitness Australia.

Kris has shared his fitness advice with leading Australian magazines and newspapers including; The Age Newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Cosmopolitan MagazineAustralian Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, The CEO Magazine, The Good Health Magazine and more.

In 2012 Kris opened his Personal Training & Pilates Studio (KE Fitness) located in the heart of Toorak Village.




Alexandra Forrest

Personal Trainer

The always smiling Alexandra is the newest member of the KE Fitness team.

Alex is a certified personal trainer and an experienced strength and conditioning expert, having competed in numerous powerlifting competitions with the VDFPA.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Nutrition at La Trobe University to graduate as a nutritionist in 2019.  She has always loved all things health and wellness. Whether it's strength training in the gym, hiking outdoors, creating healthy delicious foods or meditation.

If you're new to weight training, looking to improve your technique, wanting to reduce your body fat, gain muscle or you simply want to get more out of your workouts in minimal time, she is the trainer for you.

"It's very rare to find trainers like Alexandra, with her credentials, personality and work ethic she is able to continually improve not only herself but her clients and those around her.  Trainers who are continually learning and striving to be the best in their field is what I look for in my trainers and I'm very excited to have Alex as part of our team" - Kris Etheridge