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Kris Etheridge grew up on the sunny beaches of the Sunshine Coast and was heavily involved in sports from a young age. It wasn’t just his love of staying fit that led him to where he is today.

It was in his senior years at high school that Kris was introduced to a community program that required the students to choose from a variety of roles, all designed to benefit the community.

Kris's work with the elderly showed him that by giving his time, listening and showing an interest he could really improve the quality of someones life.

This realisation paired with Kris’s love of fitness started it all.

A personal trainer for over 13 years Kris has personally delivered over 30,000 training sessions, has worked with hundreds of different people from busy mums to the top CEO’s, actors, celebrities and elite athletes.

Kris spent the last decade refining his methods and now holds over fifteen training certifications, including being a certified Pilates instructor.

Kris has shared his fitness advice with leading Australian magazines and newspapers including; The Age Newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Cosmopolitan MagazineAustralian Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, The CEO Magazine, The Good Health Magazine and more.

In 2012 Kris opened his industry leading Personal Training & Pilates Studio to offer clients an experience unlike any other.

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