About the Studio

Toorak personal training studio KE Fitness, strives to offer it’s clientele the ultimate in expertise and luxury.

Specialising in private and semi private personal training, pilates and boxing the studio is located on the top floor of 517 Toorak road and offers stunning views of the city.

Fitted with showers and change rooms, complimentary towels and water as well as the latest premium equipment. It’s a boutique studio feel with all the extras to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you opt for 30 minute or 60 minute sessions, each session is tailored to you to ensure optimal results in minimal time and a truly personal training experience. 

Each new client starts with a complimentary consultation to discuss their goals, injuries, training history and nutritional needs. From here KE Fitness will create a plan specifically to help you achieve your goals whilst working with any current injuries, training preferences and complications that might affect your training.

“We have all the latest high tech equipment, a stunning facility and the best trainers, but this is only a part of what makes a great studio. What makes a great studio to us is the team and the clients. I'm very proud so say we have an outstanding team and incredible clients many of whom have been training with us for many years. At the end of the day we exist to provide the very best and to help individuals by giving them the tools and the environment they need to change their lives, achieve their goals but to also have fun whilst doing it” - Kris Etheridge

About Kris Etheridge


Originally from the sunny beaches of Noosa, Kris was heavily involved in sports from a young age but it wasn’t just his love of staying fit that led him to where he is today.

Kris's work with the elderly in his senior years of high school showed him that by giving his time, listening and showing an interest he could really improve the quality of someones life.

This realisation paired with Kris’s love of fitness started it all.

Now a personal trainer for over 13 years Kris has personally delivered over 30,000 training sessions, has worked with hundreds of different people from busy mums to the countries top CEO’s, entrepreneurs, actors and elite athletes.

Kris has constantly refined his methods and now holds over fifteen training certifications, including being a certified Pilates and boxing instructor.

In 2012 Kris opened his industry leading Personal Training & Pilates Studio KE FItness. KE Fitness was born with the purpose to offer clients an experience unlike any other.

For the last 7 years KE Fitness has used the most up to date training and nutrition techniques, the ultimate in high end training equipment and plenty of sweat equity to educate and transform the lives of it’s clients.

In addition, Kris regularly shares his fitness advice with leading Australian magazines, newspapers and websites including; The Age Newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Cosmopolitan MagazineAustralian Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, The CEO Magazine, The Good Health Magazine and more.


Training Rates

Private Sessions

30 minute session $65

60 minute session $120

Semi Private 2 on 1

30 minute session $35 pp

60 minute session $65 pp

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Workouts

What is a session like at KE Fitness Studio? 
We offer 30 minute and 60 minute sessions individually tailored to each and every client. If you're training with a friend or spouse each workout is specific to the individual so chances are you'll be doing completely different workouts at the same time.

We don't have a one size fits all approach like you would get in a group class. We work with your injuries, goals, likes and dislikes to obtain the results you're looking for, whether that's fat loss, muscle gain, sports specific, injury prevention, pre/post natal or rehabilitation. 

I've never trained before and i'm pretty out of shape, does that matter? 
Definitely not. Our goal is to push you during your workouts, but not to cripple you. We are here to enhance your life.

What if I can't do everything in the session?
That's the great thing about working with a professional, we can modify the exercises easily to ensure you're comfortable and getting results.

Do you offer group training? 
We offer one on one and two on one training. Our goal is to give you the ultimate experience so for that reason we don't train large groups.  

How many other people will be working out when I am?

There will only ever be two personal trainers working in the studio at the same time. Privacy and quality is an essential component of what we offer.

The Studio

Where are you located? 
Our Toorak PT Studio is located at 517 Toorak Road, Toorak. We are directly opposite the post office on the top floor.

What should I bring? 
We provide the water and towels, all you need is your workout clothes and a pair of runners or cross training shoes.

Do you have showers? 
We do. There are showers with everything you need to get ready.

Scheduling Sessions 

How do I book an initial consultation?

You can book directly through this website or shoot us an email or phone call and we will organise everything for you.

Can I have regular session times?

Sessions can be booked week to week or if you're a regular you can reserve the same days and times each week.

What's the Cancelation policy?

12 hours notice, but the more notice you can give the better.


We are located on the top floor of 517 Toorak Road, Toorak.